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Collaboration among Government,
Market, and Society
Forging Partnerships and Encouraging Competition

  May 26-27, 2013
Shanghai, China

Sunday, May 26, 2013
9:00 - 9:20 Opening Ceremony
  • Zhimin Chen, Jean Monnet Chair Professor and Dean, School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University
  • Sandra Alchibald, Professor and Dean, Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington; President, Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management
  • Douglas Besharov, Conference Co-Chair; Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland; Chair, International Activities Committee, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management; Coeditor, International Policy Exchange Series, Oxford University Press
  • Alfred Tat-Kei Ho, Associate Professor, University of Kansas, immediate past president of Chinese-American Association for Public Affairs

- the Xiexide Auditorium of CAS
9:20-10:30 Key Note Speeches


Yijia Jing, Conference Co-Chair; Professor and Associate Dean, SIRPA, Fudan University; Vice President, International Research Society for Public Management

- the Xiexide Auditorium of CAS
10:30 - 11:00 Group Photo

- Entrance of CAS
11:00 - 12:15

Session 1: Environmental Governance
Chaired by Maureen Pirog, Indiana University

-Room 104-

Restoration Strategies of the Abandoned Salt Pond – a case study at Taijiang National Park in Taiwan
Presenter: Yungnane Yang, National Cheng Kung University
PAPER | Presentation

State-Market-Civil Society Collaboration in Promoting Low Carbon Policies and Lifestyles in China
Presenter: Berthold Matthias Kuhn, Xiamen University
PAPER | Presentation

Collaborative Governance and Corporate Environmental Compliance in China
Presenter: Ning Liu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Coauthor(s): Carlos Wing-Hung Lo and Xueyong Zhan
PAPER | Presentation

Environmentally Significant Behavior: Does Social Capital Matter?
Presenters: Seong-gin Moon and Kiwhan Kim, Seoul National University of Science and Technology
PAPER | Presentation

Session 1: Conflict or Collaboration
Chaired by Alfred Ho, University of Kansas

-Room 105-

A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of the Collaborative Ponds Management in China
Presenter: Qian Zhou, The University of Hong Kong
PAPER | Presentation

The Deterrent Effects of Reverse Discrimination Claims on Federal Rule Compliance: the Case of Public Procurement and Contracting
Presenter: Yuan Gao, University of Missouri-Columbia; Samuel L. Myers, University of Minnesota
PAPER | Presentation

Citizens' Motivation and Benefits Distribution in Co-Production of Public Services: A Cooperative Game Theory Approach
Presenter: Miklos Rosta, Corvinus University of Budapest
Coauthor(s): Anna R. Radvanyi
PAPER | Presentation
Session 1: Collaborative Service Delivery
Chaired by Hon Chan, City University of Hong Kong

-Room 107-

Efficacy and Agency in UK Public Policy: How Collaborations Perform
Presenter: Helen E. Dickinson, University of Birmingham
Coauthor(s): Helen Sullivan
PAPER | Presentation

Strategic Orientation in Public Services Delivery: Towards a Service-Dominant Model for Collaboration Between Public Service Organisations and with Service Users
Presenter: Stephen Osborne, The University of Edinburgh
Coauthor(s): Greta Nasi and Maria Cucciniello
PAPER | Presentation

Cross-Sector Collaboration and Information Integration in One-Stop Service Centers: A Case Study Based on the Bryson’s Framework
Presenter: Nan Zhang, Tsinghua University
Coauthor(s): Zhikui Lu
PAPER | Presentation
Session 1: Policy and Crisis Response
Chaired by Lin Ye, Sun Yat-sen University

-Room 212-

Polycentric Governance of Crisis from the Perspective of Information Economics: An Empirical Study of Wenchuan Earthquake
Presenters: Kailin Chen and Fang Yi, Tsinghua University
PAPER | Presentation

Why Were They Short-Lived? A Case Study Of NGO Coalitions for Sichuan Earthquake Relief
Presenter: Ming Hu, Indiana University
PAPER | Presentation

A Study on Bridging Disaster Prevention, Relief, and Performance Management: The Inspiration of Citizen Expectation Management
Presenter: Chun-yuan Wang, Central Police University
PAPER | Presentation
Session 1: Marketization, Corruption, and Foreign Aid
Chaired by Paola Mattei, University of Oxford

-Room 214-

Corruption under the Structural Outlook of Market Competition: The Case of China
Presenter: Ting Gong, City University of Hong Kong
Coauthor(s): Na Zhou

Economic Reforms and Their Impacts on Informal Payments for Government Services in Transition Countries
Presenter: John Anderson, University of Nebraska
PAPER | Presentation

Public-Private Partnership, Marketization of Foreign Aid
Presenter: Eunice Park, Ewha Womans University
PAPER | Presentation
12:15 - 13:30 Lunch Break
13:30 - 15:00 Session 2: Collaborative Governance in China
Chaired by Stephen Osborne, The University of Edinburgh

-Room 104-

Collaborative Governance in China and the United States: Theory and Practice
Presenter: Richard Zeckhauser, Harvard University
Coauthor(s): John Donahue, Karen N. Eggleston, and Yijia Jing
PAPER | Presentation

Collaborative Governance in China's Health Sector: A Comparison with Education, Housing, and Long-Term Care
Presenter: Karen N. Eggleston, Stanford University
Coauthor(s): John Donahue, Yijia Jing, and Richard Zeckhauser
PAPER | Presentation

Types and Institutional Design Principles of Multi-Collaboration in a Strong-Government Society: The Case Study of Desertification Control in Northern China
Presenter: Lihua Yang, Beihang University
PAPER | Presentation

The Evolution of a Collaborative Governance Model: Public-Private Partnerships Between Local Governments and Non-Profits
Presenters: Jessica Teets, Middlebury College; Marta Jagusztyn-Krynicka, Independent Consultant
PAPER | Presentation
Session 2: Public Governance in Transition
Chaired by Eugene Bardach, University of California, Berkeley

-Room 105-

Straight Versus Gradual Opening Of Developed and Developing Economies
Presenter: Jang Woo Park, The Shanghai Futures Exchange

Towards a Collaborative Pattern of the Constitutional Trinity in China: The Double Helix Perspective
Presenter: Xin Zhang, Renmin University of China
PAPER | Presentation

Looking For Mr. Right?---The Logic of Constructing Deliberative Governance in Rural China
Presenter: Xiaohong Yu, Tsinghua University
Coauthor(s): Xiaojin Zhang

Citizen, Customer, Partner: What Should Be the Role of the Public in Public Management in China?
Presenter: Min Su, Georgia State University
Coauthor(s): John Clayton Thomas
Session 2: Reshaping Public Accountability
Chaired by Jose Antonio Puppim De Oliveira, United Nations University

-Room 107-

Reshaping Public Accountability: Hospital Reforms in Germany, Norway and Denmark
Presenters: Paola Mattei, University of Oxford; Mahima Mitra, University of Oxford
PAPER | Presentation

Promoting Collaboration and Accountability Through Performance Management Reform: The Case from China
Presenter: Lin Ye, Sun Yat-sen University
Coauthor(s): Xing Ni
PAPER | Presentation

Assessing Social Accountability in the EU Multi-Level Governance System. The Case of EU Energy Policy-Making
Presenter: Radostina Primova, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
PAPER | Presentation

A Case Study in the Use of Vendorstat, An Accountability System for a Public-Private Partnership in NYC's Welfare-To-Work System
Presenter: Swati Desai, SUNY at Albany
Session 2: Government-Business Collaboration
Chaired by Chun-yuan Wang, Central Police University

-Room 212-

How Does Government-Business Interaction Affect the Perceived Business Environment
Presenter: Jue Wang, Nanyang Technological University

A Study on Collaboration Between Government and Enterprises in Building and Operation of China's Highways
Presenters: Guangjian Xu and Yin Wu, Renmin University of China
PAPER | Presentation

Government-Business Collaboration in Industrial Policy: What Factors Determine Its Success?
Presenter: Erkki Karo, Tallinn University of Technology
Coauthor(s): Rainer Kattel
PAPER | Presentation

From Corporate to Shared Social Responsibility: Community Governance and Social Capital Creation Through Collaboration
Presenters: Davide Galli and Marco Elefanti, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
PAPER | Presentation
Sesssion 2: Public-private partnership
Chaired by Chao Guo, Indiana University at Indianapolis

-Room 214-

Power Relations in the Governance of Public Private Partnerships: A Case Study from China
Presenter: Cheng Chen, Sun Yat-Sen University
Coauthor(s): Michael Hubbard

Critical Success Factors for Public-Private Partnerships: Lessons from US Highway Development
Presenter: Yin Wang, Shanghai U. of Finance and Economics
Coauthor(s): Zhirong Zhao

Public Service Distribution and Housing Prices in Shanghai, China: From a Multi-Level Analyses
Presenter: Huiping Li, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Coauthor(s): Qingfang Wang, Wei Shi, and Zhongwei Deng

Public-Private Partnership for Nonprofit Housing Production in Bay Area: Lessons for China
Presenter: Xiulian Ma, Chinese Academy of Governance
15:30 - 17:00 Session 3: Collaboration in Education
Chaired by Richard Walker, City University of Hong Kong

-Room 104-

Administrative Power and Academic Resources Allocation in China: An Empirical Study Based on the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations
Presenter: Yongmao Fan, Renmin University of China
PAPER | Presentation

Prospects and Challenges of Public-Private Partnership in Higher Education Expansion in Ethiopia
Presenter: Eybo Tolina, University of Maryland

Charter Schools in the United States and Their Impact Upon Public and Private School Markets
Presenter: Aaron Saiger, Fordham University

Playing Nice in the Sandbox: Collaboration and Subsidized Early Care and Education Programs
Presenter: Julie Spielberger, The University of Chicago
Coauthor(s): Wladimir Zanoni and Elizabeth Barisik
PAPER | Presentation
Session 3: Privatization
Chaired by E. S. Savas, City University of New York

-Room 105-

Determinants of Private Participation in Infrastructure in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs)
Presenter: Tewodaj M. Mengistu, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Coauthor(s): Lisa Klautzer
PAPER | Presentation

An Empirical Study on The Privatization and Its Reverse of Local Government in Korea
Presenter: Suk Won Ryu, Audit and Inspection Research Institute

Social Enterprise Models Against Social Welfare Socialization in China
Presenter: Rong Tian, Nanjing University
Coauthor(s): Lucy Jordan

Results of Public/ Private Competitions for Non-Inherently-Governmental Work Previously Being Done in the Public Sector
Presenter: Jacques Gansler, University of Maryland
PAPER | Presentation
Session 3: Innovation through Collaboration
Chaired by Greta Nasi, Bocconi University

-Room 107-

Innovation Without Novelty: The Structural and Institutional Roots of China's Innovation Patterns in Mobile Phone Handset Industry
Presenter: Li Tang, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Coauthor(s): Michael Murphree and Dan Breznitz

Evaluating City Governments' Performance on Facilitating Business Innovation in China: Based on the Survey Data from the Lien Chinese Cities Service-Oriented Government Program
Presenter: Yu Meng, Nanyang Technological University
Coauthor(s): Wei Wu, Wenxuan Yu, Tingjin Lin, Liang Ma, Jun Wang, and Jue Wang
Presentation (PDF)

Public-Private Partnerships, Public Service Delivery and Innovation: A Market-Centered Approach
Presenter: Veiko Lember, Tallinn University of Technology
PAPER | Presentation

The Impact of Public Sector Innovation on Firm Performance
Presenter: Bianca Buligescu, Maastricht University
Coauthor(s): Hugo Hollanders
PAPER | Presentation
Session 3: Comparative Collaboration
Chaired by Lei Zheng, Fudan University

-Room 212-

A Conceptual Framework of Local Government and Third Sector Responses to Labor Migration in the PRC
Presenter: Lucy Jordan, University of Hong Kong
Coauthor(s): Marcia Meyers
PAPER | Presentation

Collaboration across Nations: Context and Dynamics
Presenter: Sharon Dawes, Center for Technology in Government
Coathor(s): Lei Zheng and Brian Burke
PAPER | Presentation

Support for Collaboration: A Citizen's Perspective
Presenter: Alfred Ho, University of Kansas
Coathor(s): Hai Guo
PAPER | Presentation

Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia
Presenter: Ann Florini, Singapore Management University
PAPER | Presentation
Session 3: Collaborative Coping of Public Affairs
Chaired by Shuhua Monica Liu, Fudan University

-Room 214-

The Learning Process and Technological Change Through International Collaboration: Evidence from China's CDM Wind Projects
Presenter: Tian Tang, Syracuse University
Coauthor(s): David Popp

Public-Private Co-Financing of Risky Early-Stage Technology
Presenter: Reynold V. Galope, Development Academy of the Philippines

Public Innovation Through Collaboration in Procurement, a Conceptual Framework
Presenter: Niccolo Cusumano, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Coauthor(s): Manuela Brusoni

Regulatory Effects of Public Voluntary Programs on Business Industries
Presenter: Jo-Eun Seok, Seoul National University
Monday, May 27, 2013
8:30 - 9:45 Session 4: Networked Governance
Chaired by Tom Liou, University of Central Florida

-Room 104-

If a Telephone Network Has an Infrastructure, Why Not a Service-Delivery Network?
Presenter: Eugene S. Bardach, University of California, Berkeley
PAPER | Presentation

The Effect of Collaborative Partnerships on Interorganizational Networks
Presenter: Craig W. Thomas, University of Washington
Coauthor(s): Tyler Scott
PAPER | Presentation

Dual Leadership in Public-Private Network Governance
Presenter: Tamyko Ysa, Ramon Llull University
Coauthor(s): Adrià Albareda, Anna Ramon, and Vicenta Sierra
Session 4: Nonprofit Participation and Collaboration
Chaired by Li Tang, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

-Room 105-

Non-Profit Intermediary Support Organizations in China: The Case of NPI
Presenter: Xiao Yu, National University of Singapore
Coauthor(s): Yunxing Ruan

Collaborating or Competing? A Case Study of NGOs Dealing with Child Labour in El Salvador
Presenter: Ivica Petrikova, University College London
PAPER | Presentation

Collaborative Governance, State Corporatism, Or Neither? Understanding Chinese Ngos' Engagement in Policy Process and Service Delivery
Presenter: Xueyong Zhan, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Coauthor(s): Shui Yan Tang and Jianmin Song
Session 4: Nonprofit Advocacy in Cross-National Perspective: Confrontation, Competition, and Collaboration
Chaired by Fredrica Kramer, Independent Consultant, Social and Urban Policy

-Room 107

Policy Advocacy of Nonprofit Human Service Organizations: Lessons from Israel
Presenter: Hillel Schmid, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Coauthor(s): Michal Almog-Bar
PAPER | Presentation

The Effect of the Political Context on Nonprofit Advocacy: Evidence From Singapore
Presenter: Chao Guo, Indiana University Indianapolis Campus; Zhibing Zhang, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore

Nonprofit Competition in the Socio-Political Domain
Presenter: William A. Brown, Texas A&M University
Session 4: Performance and Effects of Collaboration
Chaired by Karen Eggleston, Stanford University

-Room 212-

Organizational Performance and the Social Identity Approach
Presenter: Natalia Lvovna Ivanova, State University Higher School of Economics

The Evolution of Modes of Interaction Among Policy Actors: A Legal Analysis
Presenter: Gong Rok Kim, Yonsei University
Coauthor(s): M. Jae Moon

The Role of Shared Measurement in Collaborations and Its Effective Implementation - What Have We Learned Thus Far?
Presenter: Yehonatan Almog, Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute
Coauthor(s): Jack Habib
PAPER | Presentation
Chaired by Yi Lu, City University of New York

-Room 214

Collaboration in China's E-Government: A Cultural-Theory Analysis
Presenter: Jesper Schlæger, Sichuan University
Coathor(s): Liu Hao and Zhang Haixia
PAPER | Presentation

Collaboration on Social Media in Emergency Response: A Case Study of Shanghai Metro Collision
Presenter: Lei Zheng, Fudan University

Active Citizen E-Participation in Local Governance: Do Individual Social Capital and E-Participation Management Matter?"
Presenter: Soonhee Kim, Syracuse University
Coauthor(s): Jooho Lee
PAPER | Presentation
10:15 - 11:10 Keynote Speeches

Karen Eggleston, Faculty Director, Asia Health Policy Program Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University

Civic Society and Public Value: China and the United States
Richard Zeckhauser, Frank P. Ramsey Professor, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

The Path toward Collaborative Governance in China
Yijia Jing, Conference Co-Chair; Professor and Associate Dean, SIRPA, Fudan University; Vice President, International Research Society for Public Management
11:10 - 12:20 Coordinator
Douglas Besharov, Conference Co-Chair; Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland; Chair, International Activities Committee, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management; Coeditor, International Policy Exchange Series, Oxford University Press

Steven Kelman, Weatherhead Professor, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Editor, International Public Management Journal

Stephen Osborne, Professor, School of Management and Economics, University of Edinburgh; Immediate past president, International Research Society for Public Management; Editor, Public Management Review

Maureen Pirog, Rudy Professor of Policy Analysis, Indiana University; Editor, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

Jose Antonio Puppim De Oliveira, Assistant Director and Senior Research Fellow, United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies; Editor, Public Administration and Development

Craig Thomas, Associate Professor, Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington; Editor, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory
13:30 - 15:00 Session 5: Collaboration in Health Sector
Chaired by Jessica Teets, Middlebury College

-Room 105-

The Role of Public-Private Partnerships in Health Systems Strengthening: Theory, Evidence and Lessons to Be Learned
Presenter: Mark Hellowell, The University of Edinburgh
PAPER | Presentation

Government’s Role in Meeting the Long-Term Care Needs in Developing Aging China: A Public-Private Partnership Pathway
Presenter: Taixi Xiao, University of Maryland
Coauthor(s): Yuhao Lee and Yifan Yang
PAPER | Presentation

Collaborative Governance for Longitudinal Healthcare Services: Enabling Conditions and Leading Practices
Presenters: Maria Cucciniello, Greta Nasi, and Giovanni Valotti, Bocconi University
PAPER | Presentation

Pharmaceuticals and Security: The Role of Public-Private Collaborations in Strengthening Global Health Security
Presenter: Anne Christine Roemer-Mahler, University of Sussex
Coauthor(s): Stefan Elbe and Christopher Long
PAPER | Presentation

Step-In, Rather Than Step-Out, of the State in Education
Presenter: Xiuying Cai, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
PAPER | Presentation
Session 5: Social Service Delivery
Chaired by Jacques Gansler, University of Maryland

-Room 107-

A Political Economy of Privatisation: Some Observations of Britain's Labour Market and Social Security Policies
Presenter: Chris Grover, Lancaster University
PAPER | Presentation

Outsourcing Social Services in Russia: On the Brink of Transition
Presenter: Sergey Efremov, Higher School of Economics
PAPER | Presentation

Reflections On New US Efforts To Bring Religiously-Based Organizations Into The Social Service Net
Presenter: Fredrica Kramer, Independent Consultant, Social and Urban Policy

Social Impact Bonds: The Intersection of Doing Good and Feeling Good?
Presenters: Angela Hawken, Pepperdine University; Sheldon X. Zhang, San Diego State University; David Farabee, University of California, Los Angeles
PAPER | Presentation
Collaboration as a change instrument
Chaired by Craig Thomas, University of Washington

-Room 212-

Assessing Collaboration Effort In Illinois Community Action Programs
Presenter: Junfeng Wang, University of Illinois at Springfield
Coauthor(s): Beverly Bunch

Open Government and Budgeting and Their Role in Poverty Reduction in the Philippines
Presenter: Gilbert E. Lumantao, Development Academy of the Philippines

Urban Community Grids Management in Metropolitan China: A Case Study Exploring Factors Contributing to Successes in Collaborative Mobile Governance
Presenter: Shuhua Liu, Fudan University
Coauthor(s): Qianli Yuan and Qingyun Hu

Modernizing America's Healthcare System Through Cross-Sector Collaboration
Presenter: Jeffery Russell Lloyd Smith, University of Maryland

Performance-Based Decentralization and Local Government Innovations In China
Presenter: Xun Wu, National University of Singapore
Coauthor(s): M Ramesh and Jianxing Yu
Session 5: Managing Collaboration
Chaired by Steven Kelman, Harvard University

-Room 214-

Local Government Management and Performance: A Review of Evidence
Presenter: Richard Walker, City University of Hong Kong
Coauthor(s): Rhys Andrews
PAPER | Presentation

Banking on Infrastructure: The Leveraging Effects of State Infrastructure Banks on Private Transportation Investment
Presenter: Can Chen, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Experience and Accountability in Debt Management Networks
Presenter: Justin Marlowe, University of Washington
PAPER | Presentation

How Does Collaboration Pattern Influence Decision Making? —A Study on Chinese Government Officials
Presenter: Yi Lu, City University of New York

Social Identity, Public Service Motivation and Cooperation: An Experimental Study from China
Presenter: Jiannan Wu, Xi'an Jiaotong University
Coauthor(s): Chengwei Xu, Chunping Hu, and Bo Bai


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