Hotel Accommodations

We have made a list of preferable hotels for participants that can be reserved by participants via the Four Seasons Travel Agency. Click Here to view the hotel location map.


Discounts will depend on the number of people staying in a particular hotel. Discounts will only be available if made through the travel agency.

Reservations: Please visit our travel reservations page to learn more about how you can reserve your hotel and receive the available discouts.

Conference prices for hotels

Ermitage -- 3 Star Hotel
     Total Rooms: 36

     Regular Rates:
           Single Standard: 3705 RUR
           Double Standard: 4275/5130 RUR

     Tel: +7 (495) 917-19-19
     Link to hotel website

Ulanskaya -- 4 Star Hotel
      Total Rooms: 42 (21 Single and 21 Double)

      Discounted Rates:
           Single Standard: 6175 RUR
           Double Standard/Refurbished: 7505/8170

      Regular Rates:
           Single Standard: 6500 RUR
           Regular Double Standard/Refurbished: 7900/8600 RUR

     Tel: +7(495) 607-1010 / 7(495) 632-9695
     Link to hotel website

Elegant -- 4 Star Hotel
     Total Rooms: 32 (19 Standard and 13 Semi-lux)

     Regular Rates:
           Standard Rooms: 6000/7000 RUR
           Semi-lux: 6500/7500 RUR

     Tel: +7 (495) 917-25-92
     Link to hotel website

Metropol -- 5 Star Hotel
     Total Rooms: 32 (19 Standard and 13 Semi-lux)
     Tel: +7 (499) 501 78 40/41
     Link to hotel website

     Discounted Prices (including breakfast and VAT):


     Regular Prices (including breakfast and VAT):
* Payment can be made in Dollars or Euros at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of RF+2%.