Airport Transfers

We have made a list of airport transfer options.

Reservations: To receive the following rates, airport transfers must be made through the Four Seasons Travel Agency. Please visit our travel reservations page to learn more about how you can reserve your airport transfers.

Airport--hotel--airport group transfer (minibus up to 14 persons)
$35(airport--hotel) + $35 (hotel--airport)= $70 per person

Airport--hotel--airport individual transfer of economy class (maximum 3 persons)
$70 (airport--hotel) + $60 (hotel--airport)= $130 per car

Airport--hotel--airport individual transfer of business class by Mercedes E211 (maximum 3 persons)
$120 (airport--hotel)+ $110 (hotel--airport)= $230 per car

Airport--hotel--airport aero express economy class transfer

Airport--hotel--airport aero express business class transfer