APPAM Teaching Workshop

Opening Luncheon: "The Globalization of Public Policy Teaching."
  Summary: The workshop began over lunch with a wide-ranging conversation of the issues to be discussed in depth in the subsequent three sessions.
Moderators: Douglas Besharov (University of Maryland/AEI) and Sandra Archibald (University of Washington)

Session Summary

  Session A: "Are There Universals of Policy Analysis?"
  Purpose: The participants were asked to address these issues:
  • How do different cultures and political and social institutions affect the policy process, policy choices, and, hence, policy analysis?
  • How is policy analysis used (or not used) in different countries?
  • Are there a common set of skills that all policy analysts should possess? If so, what are they?
  • Should skills be taught in different ways depending on the national, cross-national, or multi-national setting?
  • How can international cases and materials be used in core analytic classes, and how can they be used to create special value-added?

  • Session Transcript

    Moderator: David Weimer (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    How Portable Is the Policy Analysis Curriculum?
    Peter Reuter, University of Maryland
    Are There Universals in Policy Analysis?
    Younguck Kang, KDI School of Public Policy and Management, South Korea
    Balancing Universal and Local Knowledge in Teaching the Comparative Policy Process: An Actor-Centered Approach
    Kent Weaver, Georgetown University
      Session B: "Teaching the Skills of Policy Research and Evaluation."
    Purpose: The participants were asked to address these issues:
  • Research and evaluation are intended to help guide policy. What are the various research and evaluation tools used in different countries?
  • How are the tools similar and how are they different? Can we learn from each other?
  • What materials and teaching methods work best in cross-national and multi-national settings (lectures, Socratic method, and case method)?

  • Session Transcript
    Moderator: Rebecca Maynard, University of Pennsylvania
    Teaching Policy Research and Evaluation Skills in Italy: Mission Impossible?
    Alberto Martini, Università del Piemonte Orientale, Italy
    The Vienna E-Lecturing - VEL
    Christiane Spiel, University of Vienna, Austria
    Some Brief Thoughts on Teaching Some Features of Program Evaluation
    Richard Berk, University of Pennsylvania
    Teaching Evaluation Methods: Reflections from the UK
    Robert Walker, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
    Session C: "Teaching Comparative Public Management."
    Purpose: The participants were asked to address these issues:
  • How do policy implementation, government budgeting, and performance management operate in countries with different state capacities?
  • How can the curriculum encompass management differences among advanced industrial and less developed countries?
  • Is it possible to have a "unified" approach to teaching public management across cultures?
  • If so, what are the elements of such a unified approach?

  • Session Transcript
    Moderator: Chris deNeubourg, Maastricht University, Netherlands
    Choices for Internationalising the Teaching of Public Management
    Claudia Scott, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and the Australia and New Zealand School of Government
    Teaching Comparative Public Management in the U.S. Classroom
    Mary Kay Gugerty, University of Washington
    Teaching Comparative Public Management and Policy—The View from Singapore
    Scott Fritzen, National University of Singapore

    Workshop Sponsors

    This special workshop was sponsored by the University of Maryland School of Public Policy with co-sponsorships generously provided by the following APPAM institutional members: