Cross-National Conference Reports

Collaboration among Government, Market, and Society: Forging Partnerships and Encouraging Competition
by Douglas J. Besharov and Yijia Jing

Labor Activation in a Time of High Unemployment: Lessons From Abroad
by Douglas J. Besharov, Douglas M. Call, and Stefano Scarpetta

Improving the Quality of Public Services: A Multinational Conference on Public Management
by Douglas J. Besharov, Alexey Barabashev, Karen Baehler, and Jacob Alex Klerman

Trends in Migration and Migration Policy
by Douglas J. Besharov, Mark H. Lopez, and Melissa Siegel

European Measures of Income, Poverty, and Social Exclusion: Recent Developments and Lessons for U.S. Poverty Measurement
by Douglas J. Besharov and Kenneth Couch

Asian Social Protection in Comparative Perspective
by Douglas J. Besharov and Karen J. Baehler

Journal Articles

The Decline of the Middle Classes around the World?
by Douglas J. Besharov, Antonio Lopez Pelaez and Sagrario Segado Sanchez Cabezudo

Teaching in Today's Global Classroom:Policy Analysis in Cross-National Settings
by Douglas J. Besharov and Jennifer Oser

Income Transfers Alone Won't Eradicate Poverty
by Douglas J. Besharov and Douglas Call

Welfare States Amid Economic Turmoil: Adjusting Work-oriented Policy
by Neil Gilbert and Douglas J. Besharov

The Global Budget Race
by Douglas Besharov and Douglas Call

European Measures of Income, Poverty and Social Exclusion: Recent Developments and Lessons for U.S. Poverty Measurements
by Douglas Besharov

Deconstructing European Poverty Measures: What Relative and Absolute Scales Measure
by Richard Burkhauser

Impressionistic Realism: The Europeans Focus the U.S. on Measurement
by David Johnson

Europe's Other Poverty Measures: Absolute Thresholds Underlying Social Assistance
by Richard Bavier

European Measures of Poverty and "Social Exclusion": Material Deprivation, Consumption, and Life Satisfaction
by Neil Gilbert

New Comparative Measures of Income, Material Deprivation, and Well-Being
by Timothy Smeeding

Social Welfare's Twin Dilemmas: "Universalism vs. Targeting" and "Support vs. Dependency"
by Douglas Besharov

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